• One Hour Project with Your Kids with Broken Crayons

    I found this nice idea to use your old crayons and make them new again. I found this from this site that explains how to do this.┬áThe only thing different I did was find cuter molds off Amazon! You can search “cute silicone molds for chocolates.” You’ll get anything from animals to hello kitty to […]

  • Why the Word “No” is Detrimental to the Development of Your Baby

    I’ve heard many types of “no’s.” Stern: “No! Stop doing that! You stop it right now you hear?” Softly: “No no dear, that’s not for you sweetie…” Playfully: “No no no no no no no no no” (with a singing tone) Directionally: “No, it’s not read that way. No, that’s not the right answer.” What’s […]