• Book Review: 月亮莎莎 系列 Isadora Moon

    Book Review: 月亮莎莎 系列 Isadora Moon

    Age: 6+ (with Zhuyin and Parents) Purchase Link: 月亮莎莎 (1-4): Isadora Moon Books 1-4 月亮莎莎 (5-8): Isadora Moon Books 5-8 This is a cute set of books great for readers that know Zhuyin. Each book is probably about 3000-4000 characters with Zhuyin (that’s an estimate). The language is easy to understand as is the story. […]

  • Book Review: 汪喵偵探系列

    Book Review: 汪喵偵探系列

    Age: 6+ independent if they know Zhuyin Purchase link: 汪喵偵探 This is a cute set of books and it really mimics our beloved 屁屁偵探系列 because they’re detective stories, gives out puzzles and mazes and little exercises. I didn’t personally do a video because my little one wanted to read the first part for our little […]

  • Book Review: 幼兒 心性開發套書 12本

    Book Review: 幼兒 心性開發套書 12本

    Age 5+ This is out of print and we loved it. My little one read through all of them with ease when she started bridge books. Classic stories, thick paper, huge words, simple but long sentences. Different twists on stories. We really enjoyed this set. They are about 100 pages per book. Most used books […]

  • Book Review: Guji Guji

    Age 3+ with parent, 6+ independent Please visit our Facebook group for more information!  Guji Guji This book does not have phonetic guide (zhuyin) and will need a parent to read with the child unless if the child knows how to read a few hundred characters already. The story is about an egg that rolled […]

  • Book Review: 小妖怪系列書 Little Monsters Series

    Age: 6+ Independent reading 小妖怪系列套書 Little Monsters series with 4 books: 海洋裡的小妖怪、森林裡的小妖怪、城市裡的小妖怪、校園裡的小妖怪 Ocean, Forest, City, School 鬼怪不想讓你知道的50個祕密  50 Secrets of Monsters I love this set because my kids love it and they can go at it for a long time “without” me. I would purposely only read ONE out of the four books so they can sift […]

  • The Battle of the First Grade Chinese Textbooks: China vs. Taiwan vs. States

    Out of curiosity, I am going to compare textbooks: 康軒 from Taiwan Grade 1 上海世紀 語文 from Shanghai China Curriculum Grade 1 馬立平 Mǎ lì píng States Curriculum Pre Grade, Grade 1 (and Grade 2) There’s a huge difference in the curriculum of the three above. The general gist is we are slow in the […]

  • Book Review: 念故事給我們聽好嗎? Can You Read For Us?

    Age: 6+ Independent Join our Facebook Group for more recommendations! This is a first grade book and very sweet. Not very long at 80 pages with almost a 1-1 ratio of words to pictures. The language is very sweet and straightforward so it’s a pretty easy read for children by themselves. The story starts off […]