• Taiwan Fun: 華山1914創意產業園區 Wooderful Life

    Taiwan Fun: 華山1914創意產業園區 Wooderful Life

    This is an “indoor” … “a/c filled”… “pretty place”… “with lots to do”… for kids age 3-8ish. There are easy things like go fish and harder stuff like Chinese checkers in a gated area within Wooderful Life located in 華山1914… go when they open on the weekends and wait at the door about 15 minutes […]

  • Bellz Game – Time Killer, Strategy Developer, and Motor Skills for Kids

    I love games that are educational and I love games that seem dumb and fun with hidden educational qualities inside. This is one of them. The strategy of this game is whoever gets 10 bells through the magic magnet wand first wins. If you get other colors stuck on your wand, you have to release […]