• Art + Role Playing = Hidden Learning & Reading

    I love art and I love supplies that do more than one thing. One of my favorite coloring supply is the watercolor pencil. Watercolor is usually light in color which is great but what about when you want some punch? Kids love bright vibrant colors so I use Derwent’s Inktense Pencils (72 colors). I don’t use […]

  • One Hour Project with Your Kids with Broken Crayons

    I found this nice idea to use your old crayons and make them new again. I found this from this site that explains how to do this. The only thing different I did was find cuter molds off Amazon! You can search “cute silicone molds for chocolates.” You’ll get anything from animals to hello kitty to […]

  • Teaching Your Child Geometric Shapes and Math Through These Manipulatives by Learning Resources

    By now you probably know I’m not a sit down type of mom who likes to do everything from the books. Whenever I have a “building toy” that’s open ended, I dive for it. When I saw this set, I instantly bought 2 sets of it. By now you should already know I am a […]

  • Why the Word “No” is Detrimental to the Development of Your Baby

    I’ve heard many types of “no’s.” Stern: “No! Stop doing that! You stop it right now you hear?” Softly: “No no dear, that’s not for you sweetie…” Playfully: “No no no no no no no no no” (with a singing tone) Directionally: “No, it’s not read that way. No, that’s not the right answer.” What’s […]

  • How to Make Your Child Fall in Love With Reading and Writing

    I had a chance to spend the entire week with my cute nephew who is 7 years old. His school is highly academic and they usually read 1-2 grades higher than their current grade level. Therefore, the test scores of this school is always at 99% of the nation’s average. Scary? Yes I know! On […]

  • Infants should NEVER watch TV. Educational videos slows down your child’s brain.

    As I’m reading through all these books, one recurring theme is the effect of media on the child’s brain. The more I read, the more agitated I get at these companies making educational videos for babies and saying it’s good for children. From what I see, it’s good for the “parents” to get free time […]