• Book Review:小熊咕噜噜的冒险之旅 Little Bear’s Adventures (Simplified , 简体书)

    Book Review:小熊咕噜噜的冒险之旅 Little Bear’s Adventures (Simplified , 简体书)

    Age: 5+ with parent or read independently if you know 1000+ characters 小熊咕噜噜的冒险之旅 套书 This is a set of three books about a bear and his adventures. In 小心魔法 he wakes up from a long lazy nap and it’s spring so he goes out to find something to eat. He wants to eat a flower […]

  • Book Review: 爱之阅读桥梁书 Love Reading Bridge Books Simplified Set 简体书

    Book Review: 爱之阅读桥梁书 Love Reading Bridge Books Simplified Set 简体书

    Age: 5+ (with a few hundred characters and with parent) Please visit our Facebook group for more information! https://www.facebook.com/groups/motherlynotes/ Titles: 鸭妈妈的蛋 箱子 最好最好的朋友 皮普要去美食国 蕾妮病了 对不起,乖乖 信 乖乖和乐乐去海边 泰尔,明天见 罗萨想当女巫 卖哥哥 弗兰克老师是兔子 这是个秘密 广场上来了马戏团 妈妈要去旅行 绿眼睛 给梅特的礼物 在院子里露营 我想写信 儒尔迷路了 This is a really nice set of picture book like bridge books! There are a […]

  • Book Review: 爱悦读: 小豆包系列 (简体桥梁书) – Dumpling Series (Simplified Books)

    Age: 5+ independent For more information, please visit our facebook group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/motherlynotes/ First Set: 小豆包一路奇遇记, 小豆包在学校, 小豆包侦探记, 小豆包的好朋友, 小豆包养宠物, Second Set: 小豆包遇见童话书, 小豆包与疯狂的食物, 小豆包与奇怪小家具, 小豆包读字典, 小豆包旋转木马 I wanted to thank Meijie CG from our Motherly Notes Facebook Group  for recommending this set to me! We started our journey (finally) of learning simplified and the process has […]

  • Little Fox Chinese – Reading System For Native AND Non-Native Chinese Learners (Simplified Chinese)

    Please join our Facebook Group for more details, information, and recommendations! I rarely rarely rarely recommend web apps, tv programs or online learning… until now. This site was brought to our group’s attention by Vincent B. so I really really have to thank him for finding this terrific website. Vincent B. is a dad who […]

  • Book Review: 不一樣的卡梅拉 系列 簡體書(Simplified Books – La Petite Poules Series by Christian Jolibois)

    Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent http://www.MotherlyNotes.com Please visit our Facebook group for more information!  You can buy off Amazon!!! Yay!!! 不一樣的卡梅拉  La Petite Poules Series by Christian Jolibois This set has 12 books and it’s a really cute series! It has about 1500-2000 characters in each book but is an easy read for children who […]

  • Book Review: 勇敢的贝雅和她的朋友 – Beya and Her Friends (简体书,Simplified)

    Age: 8+ Independent Each of these books has over 10,000 characters. However, each page is full color! Lots of characters but very fitting for a second grader in maturity or maybe a tad higher. It’s definitely a book after you have at least 800 characters under your belt to start reading. It’s about a girl […]

  • Book Review: 劳拉的星星 Laura’s Star Series (简体书,Simplified)

    Age: 6-9 Years Independent This is set of cute readers from a German author translated and it’s not hard to read after you have your first 500 characters down. It will add more characters to your vocabulary as well. It’ll be harder than Book Review: 大人不知道的小秘密 Secrets Adults Do Not Know Series (Simplified) I see this as […]

  • Book Review: 大人不知道的小秘密 Secrets Adults Do Not Know Series (简体书,Simplified)

    Age: 5+ independent I’ve finally found an easy reader set in simplified and where the stories are not dead boring. You can read this after you know about 200+ words. Sentence structure is easy and only a few lines on a page. There are 12 books in the series and they all look somewhat similar. […]

  • Book Review: 笨狼的故事 (簡體,简体书): Silly Wolf Series – Simplified

    Age: 5+ Independent , Grades 1-3 (Lower Elementary) This is a simplified bridge book set of 10 books. This is a very easy read, cute pictures and the stories are very cute. I’ve only read through the first story but as a sample, it’s about a silly wolf (really he’s kind of dumb) and he […]

  • Book Review: 四五快读: 4,5 Quick Read (简体书, Simplified)

    I have no clue how to translate that so it didn’t sound stupid. Whether it was quick reading, quickly read, read quickly, … it was driving me crazy so here it is. 4,5, Quick Read. We got this set because I am preparing the girls to learn both traditional and simplified characters. I like teaching […]