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My Journey in Teaching My Children Chinese (Teaching Children Chinese From Age 0-5)

Note: The above video physically shows you some main points I listed below. I didn’t go over everything in the video but I think it’s the ideas that needed a video. Also, I’m not a professional blogger and this is … Continue reading

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Interviews With Parents Who Have Successfully Taught Their Children Chinese

We frequently get asked the questions of how to teach our children Chinese in the states and there’s a lot of resistance from children here in the states. All sorts of problems come up and every family has a different … Continue reading

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Book Review: 字的童話 Fairy Tales of Words

Age: 5+ You can find/purchase this set here: 字的童話 I love this set of books. I’ve been reading my girls stories from this set here and there. There’s a lot of material to learn in here. It’s full of most … Continue reading

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How to Trick Your Children into Practice Writing Letters (Chinese and English)

Children waste paper. Children waste paper. Children waste a lot of paper. There’s also miscellaneous paper they love throwing everywhere. There’s the frequent folded up paper they said it’s a “letter” to someone found under the bed, under the table, … Continue reading

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How My Children Started Reading Chinese and English Before 3 Years Old

Education isn’t hard and it’s not boring. Most moms think you gotta sit them down and torture their kids in order for them to read. I taught my kids how to read way before 3 years old in English and … Continue reading

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