• Taiwan Eats: 八月堂 Hazukido

    Taiwan Eats: 八月堂 Hazukido

    I don’t usually eat sweets or bread. I don’t really care for bread for that matter. Usually it’s easy for me to take a bite and say “bye bye” real fast since it doesn’t do well for my weight anyway. HOWEVER… these are pretty irresistible !!!!! These are located on top of Taipei Main Station […]

  • Taiwan Fun: 九份老街 JiuFen Old Street

    Taiwan Fun: 九份老街 JiuFen Old Street

    If you love shopping for local items and walking through old styled streets, this is the place for you. This place as been used as the background for movies like “A City of Sadness” and “Spirited Away” so it’s popular for a lot of Asian to come see this place. It’s very “steep”… it was […]

  • Taiwan Fun: 十分 Shifen Old Street

    Taiwan Fun: 十分 Shifen Old Street

    This is the famous place where you can light up paper lanterns and let them float into the sky like the Taiwan idol dramas. The strip of shopping is about only half a mile long. You will find lantern shops all along the shopping strip with similar prices. $150 for one color and $200 for […]

  • 思慕昔 Smoothie House Ice

    思慕昔 Smoothie House Ice

    You really really really need to at least drop by one of their locations for snowy ice. Been around and famous for a long time. The first time I went there was the one on 永康街 because it’s conveniently next to the first Din Tai Fung 鼎泰豐 restaurant 鼎泰豐(信義) The Original Din Tai Fung (Xinyi)and […]

  • 扶旺號 FullWant Breakfast Place

    扶旺號 FullWant Breakfast Place

    This is the sister breakfast company to 甘妹弄堂 Ganmei Alley Breakfast Stop that’s recommended by a friend here in Taiwan. OMG! YUMMMMMMMM. They have spicy sandwiches for breakfast and the selection is incredible! You can look at their menu online: http://www.fullwant.com.tw/index.php/location.html. There is (which is quite rare) a seating area with air conditioning downstairs. They’re open at 7am […]

  • 紅玉滿~姐買的不是雞蛋糕,是外剛內柔的心八顆 Hong Yu Man Egg Pancakes ~ Love Pancakes with Wings!

    紅玉滿~姐買的不是雞蛋糕,是外剛內柔的心八顆 Hong Yu Man Egg Pancakes ~ Love Pancakes with Wings!

    This cute place is located on the Eslite wing of the Taipei Main Station. We love egg pancakes and these years, these have been going on a steroid level! Look at how cute the shape is! This particular store sells them in four different shapes and they actually tastes incredible!!! They are more chewy than […]

  • Sogo Supermarket 超級市場

    Sogo Supermarket 超級市場

    Sogo’s supermarket downstairs is like a gem. It’s so nice with a bunch of pre-made foods. There’s handmade dumplings of all different colors but we have no time to even cook here… or else I’d buy some to try. Looks awesome. The different types of pre-made and little packages of meat and tofu was sooooo […]

  • 台鐵便當🍱 Taiwan Railroad Lunch Box

    台鐵便當🍱 Taiwan Railroad Lunch Box

    Ok, so a childhood memory and obsession of mine that I always dream of… is this lunch box you get on the railroad for Taiwan. It has a special smell from the paper box it’s in and it tastes soooooooo good… at least to me. This one is very famous and is at the Taipei […]

  • 甘妹弄堂 Ganmei Alley Breakfast Stop

    甘妹弄堂 Ganmei Alley Breakfast Stop

    This place is so goooood! They have a really creative menu. Their facebook page is here: https://www.facebook.com/ganmeialley/ Their breakfast is traditional with a flare and there’s usually a line in the morning but not too bad. You can usually get your items in 10 minutes or less. The soup dumplings are awesome with a crispy […]

  • 阜杭豆漿 – Fuhang Soy Milk

    阜杭豆漿 – Fuhang Soy Milk

    Stars: 3/5 去了,點了,吃了。難忘的:沒有。有點失望其實。早餐不錯可是要我再排一次,就算了。說真的,上次介紹的家蓁早餐店 – Jia Zhen Breakfast Place 比這家好吃好多好多好多倍!! 還有失望的是樓上竟然沒有冷氣,位子要用搶的。大家搶位子為了吃厚燒餅。到後來覺得 “還好” 而已。反而覺得他們的飯糰很好吃。豆漿也還可以。我們今天排了大概15分鐘而已。星期天早上9:30。大家可以試試看可是我真的吃過更好的。下次再介紹另外一家我喜歡的。 So I went to the famous Fuhang Soy Milk breakfast place where people have to line up for sometimes up to an hour to get in. I have no clue what the hype is about. Good thing we only lined up for 15 minutes […]

  • Eslite Xinyi Food Court 信儀誠品食堂

    I forgot to show you guys how big the food court is inside Eslite. If you take the kids to go read upstairs, you can eat downstairs in this food court with a million options. Taste is very decent. It’s clean and very kid friendly. There’s also arts and crafts on the top floor you […]

  • 永和豆漿 – Yong He Breakfast Chain

    永和豆漿 – Yong He Breakfast Chain

    3.5/5 Stars This is probably a standard that everyone who comes to Taiwan go by and they’ve been around for a long time. We were going to line up at the other “famous” breakfast place only to find it closed on a Monday so we went here instead. Most Taiwan places are a hole in […]

  • 吉龍糖黑糖紅茶 – JLD Dragon Ji Long Tang Brown Sugar Black Tea Shop

    吉龍糖黑糖紅茶 – JLD Dragon Ji Long Tang Brown Sugar Black Tea Shop

    5/5 Stars 在台灣每個地方都是波霸奶茶店,這家排隊誇張,就索性試試。 不能選擇改糖分或冰塊多少是第一次看到。我們叫的是他們招牌厚奶珍珠紅茶。只能說好喝,很香,奶味很重,有特別的厚奶泡沫,茶味能濃,波霸很Q。可以試試看。 There’s no lacking of boba tea in Taiwan but some are better than others. This one had a long line so I decided to try it out. Their specialty is a huge milk foam on top of the milk tea. They also use brown sugar for the sweetener. Usually they’re able […]

  • 家蓁早餐店 – Jia Zhen Breakfast Place

    家蓁早餐店 – Jia Zhen Breakfast Place

    4/5 Stars 106台北市大安區大安路一段27號 住在大安區忠孝東路旁真的很方便,一下樓就是一堆吃的。 鄰居介紹這家早餐店。6點開始營業。對於調時差的我很適合。帶了老大去樓下走走就來到了這裡。買了4人早餐回家才 NT260. 雞肉抓餅 實在好吃。雞肉是老闆自己醃的。 辣椒醬一級棒,超辣,超香。唯一不好的就是沒有地方坐。住這裡附近的人都來這家。到了6:30am 就排隊的。看到上班族還是有幾位空姐。不愛吃的老大拿了饅頭一直啃得津津有味~ Food was pretty amazing here. We ordered about five items (sorry some were eaten before I could take a picture – ha!). Each item was only about a dollar or over a dollar (USD). Our whole breakfast for four people was less than $10. I […]