• Taiwan Fun: Yilan Crayon Factory DIY

    Taiwan Fun: Yilan Crayon Factory DIY

    We went to 宜蘭 and this was one of the activities that the driver had planned for us. We went to the Crayon factory (there’s only two there and this is the one that most people with kids go to since the other one is for “better quality” art supplies). It’s a very streamlined DIY…

  • Baking in Taiwan – JMI Cookies

    Baking in Taiwan – JMI Cookies

    There’s a lot of baking in Taiwan. I think kids and moms love to have classes together here in general. We found a place that actually did the cookies for a “soap opera”… ha ha ha. The space is small but their baked goods are really cute. Handmade mochi is what we made with a…

  • Mall Crafts in Taiwan

    Mall Crafts in Taiwan

    I used to take home art that looked like a crap when my kids were like two. Then I took home semi looking crap when they hit 3/4. Now I’m okay taking home average looking passing for a well done project by a kid sorta thing once in a while from school. Taiwan makes it…

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