Book Review: 好多好吃的米飯 (Yummy Rice),好多好吃的草莓 (Yummy Strawberries),好多好吃的雞蛋 (Yummy Eggs),好多好吃的馬鈴薯 (Yummy Potatoes)

Books can be purchased through this link: 好多好吃的米飯 (Yummy Rice),好多好吃的草莓 (Yummy Strawberries),好多好吃的雞蛋 (Yummy Eggs),好多好吃的馬鈴薯 (Yummy Potatoes)

Recommended Age: 2-5

This is a really cute set of books we have right now and it deals with food, how you cook it, and what it will become. There are four ingredients, one per book. As you’ll see in the video, they become different foods you cook. Each book comes with a recipe card for that ingredient. It’s extremely cute, short book and easy to read. The words repeat and if learning Chinese is a goal, then this could be an interesting easy reader.

To purchase, you can click HERE. 

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