Book Review: 小秋與小根 Kon and Aki

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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小秋與小根  Kon and Aki

This is the story of a cute her and her stuffed doll. The stuffed doll fox has always been with her even before birth. As she grew older, the doll grew older as well until his arm is falling off and they both decided to go and find grandma in the countryside to fix. On their trip, he went to buy them lunch at a train stop and rushing back, he got his tail caught in the door where he had another part of his body damaged. When they got to the countryside, he was whipped away by the dog and buried in the sand where he got very tired and had a very faint breath. This is where I panicked thinking it’ll be a sad story but in the end, they got to grandma’s and he was fixed, took a nice bath and was all new again.

The development of the story line was very heart warming and every step of the way you’d worry that he would be hurt, lost, or taken away. The little girl of course exhibits the innocence of a little girl who loves her stuffed animal. Very very cute story!

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