Book Review: 黑貓與花貓,吱吱,喵嗚!Black Cat and Bengal Cat, Squeak Squeak , Meow!

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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黑貓與花貓  Black Cat and Bengal Cat
吱吱  Squeak Squeak
喵嗚  Meow!

This is a set of three cat books. This set doesn’t have zhuyin or pinyin. Words are not super hard and is good to practice those characters they’ve learned!

The first one is about the competition of the black cat and the bengal where they found a peach and they’re fighting over who gets to eat it. Then enters the competition of who has longer whiskers, who has a longer tail, who can meow the loudest, who can climb the highest, who can run the fastest, etc. In the end, bengal cat trips on a stone during their race and the black cat comes to help and turns into a heart warming story of making friends. The whole way through is full of silly dialogues between the two cats.

Second and third book is about cute little mice tricking the cat or afraid of the cat but eventually making friends with the cat. One of those has the cat be a silly cat who has never met a mouse in his life and when he finds the mice, he actually makes friends with them and picks bananas with them. Eventually, he falls off the tree trying to save one of the mice from falling and gets hurt himself. They save him by squeaking so other cats can come to the rescue. It’s a bit heart warming. In the Meow book, three mice saw the cat and decided to call him uncle and trick him into picking some peaches and feeding him peaches and in the end, the cat walked off with peaches instead of eating up the three mice. All very silly stories and very enjoyable for the kiddos. They have many twists inside which we like.

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