Book Review: 天才認字王套書, 成語書苑 Genius Chinese Character Reading Pen Learning Set , Idioms Set


Age: 3+ independent or with parent
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【智點】 基礎語文認知套組(含新型點讀筆) 天才認字王套書 Genius Chinese Character Reading Pen Learning Set

【智點】成語書苑點讀學習套書 – Idioms Set

There’s a slight correction for the stuff said on video. There are 1200 characters in this set, not 1600.

This is a character learning system. It won’t help you in reading comprehension other than the fact that it’ll teach you characters. There are a total of 1200 characters in here that you can learn. Each character will come with a picture that reminds you of the character or how it was derived. They tried to use mnemonic devices, stories, pictures, to help the children remember the words. For each character, they say a couple phrases and explain to you how the word is used and what it means.

The left pages show 8 characters per page. There are a total of 10 books, Levels 1 and 2. Each level has 5 books. The right pages are games where you match words to pictures and ask for meanings or match it to the right meaning of the word, etc. Then there’s a game option where listening is required. They’ll ask you to find the words on the page and in which color so you have to select the words from across the two pages.

In general, this is a great way to carry a bunch of “flashcards” around in a light and simple package and it gives you a curriculum to work with so that you will have finished 1200 words at the end of the course. Every couple of lessons, they’ll give you a combined test. Not fancy at all and I don’t think it’s sufficient for a review but they will give one anyway.

For the money, I think it’s a good system. It’s a little over $100 USD and comes with a reading pen that you can:

  1. Record your own voice for other stories (video below).
  2. Input your own MP3s to read your favorite book.
  3. Input your own MP3 and turn it into an music player.
  4. Has headphones option.
  5. You can record up to 4 languages on ONE sticker!!!!

This is the instructional video of what the reading pen can do. It’s in English since they have the Chinese instructional videos on their website:

The idioms set can be purchased as a set with the above or separately if you don’t like it. I put a video of it below as well. It comes with 40 idioms in the set and each idiom has an entire story, everything is read by the reading pen. It also has a short quiz at the end of each idiom story. It’s just “okay” for me but it does tell historical stories. I’ll let them use it as a story book. Personally I think you can learn idioms faster than this through the comics set I recommended before Book Review: 植物大戰殭屍:成語漫畫 系列 Plants Vs. Zombies Idioms Comics Series. But if you like it more traditional with historical stories, this could work too!


Here’s a video of my four year old playing the games in the book:

Here’s a video of my four year old recording a sticker on her own:


Instructions in Chinese on the reading pen is found here:

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  1. Hi do you know where we can buy this set from outside of Taiwan? The does not send this set of book to overseas


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