Book Review: 這是蘋果嗎?也許是喔,爺爺的天堂筆記本, 做一個機器人,假裝是我, Apple, Heaven, Robot

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Age: 5+ Independent
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這是蘋果嗎?也許是喔  – Is this An Apple? Maybe!
爺爺的天堂筆記本  Grandpa’s Heaven Diary
做一個機器人,假裝是我  – Robot Be Me

This has to be one of the favorite authors in the group. This author is known to be great with knowing what goes on in the head of little kids and I rated this set for age 5+ because it takes at least a five year old to understand the complex thinking of a “child” at this age.

The apple book talks about how a child looks at an apple and all the possibilities this apple could have. It could be a machine inside, or it’s masked as an apple but really a fish! It could have brothers and sisters or it could grow into a house! It’s a really fun filled book to look into the brains of little kids and their crazy imagination. His apple may have traveled into space and back or maybe it’s a star, who knows? At the end of the book, he proceeds to just bite into the apple and realize, it’s just an apple.

The grandpa diary is funny but yet heart warming and bitter sweet all at the same time! It’s a diary that grandpa left and who knows if grandpa left it so that everyone would be okay with his passing away or maybe he wrote it to make himself feel better in his last years of life. It talked about some funny stuff that grandpa wrote about heaven like what they do in heaven, maybe there are slides, maybe he comes back to scare his grand children, etc. In the end, the child misses his grandpa but proceeds to write a journal of his own. At first he wanted to write what he wanted after death but then changes his mind and decides to write what he wants when he’s ALIVE and the books ends with the reader feeling full of hope and realizing a child’s life is really full of potential. It creates a nice contrast of the old and the young and our entire “life cycle.” Super well written. Not the type that’ll make you cry horribly but definitely gives you a nice sweet achy feeling. LOVE this book.

The robot book is about the boy talking to himself about how he wants to create a second him through a robot to help him do everything during the day. He tells the robot who he is, what he likes, what his thoughts are and of course, it’s always filled with funny facts. Things that only HE knows, what people think of HIM. It’s a book about self imagery and knowing one’s self. In the end, he also realizes that he is truly unique as when he goes home, his mom immediately knows the robot is not him. I like this book for it’s deeper meaning. It helps the children think about who they are as an individual, their viewpoints, and it even helps them think about other people’s views of them.

If you just want to read it as a fun book, then I think maybe three year old may understand but to be able to understand more of the implied meanings, I feel like it’s meant for that five year old plus.

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