Book Review: 花園裡有一隻老虎 There’s a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart

Age: 3+ with parent, 5+ independent
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花園裡有一隻老虎 There’s a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart 
There’s an Amazon English Version: There’s a Tiger in the Garden 

This is a book about a girl’s imagination. Starts off with her being bored at grandma’s and then grandma suggests she goes into the garden where she’ll meet a bad tempered bear, a funny tiger, a dragonfly as big as a bird and some plants that can gobble you up in one bite. She didn’t believe this at first but as she went into the garden, her imagination opened up and ended up having a great time in the garden where she did meet all these fabulous animals and creatures. The language in here is simple and the illustrations are beautiful. The cover of the book has a touch and feel factor. Really high quality book and an interesting read. My kids loved it. I believe this one was from a German author and there’s an English version I also posted the link up there.

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