Book Review: 湯姆的服裝店,加油! 熊醫生,Tom Dress Maker, Go Bear Doctor!

Age: 2-5 with parent, 5+ independent

Where to Buy:

動物村翻翻書 – 扮演遊戲禮物盒(醫生扮演組)- Go Bear Set of 3 books including the one in video

湯姆的服裝店 – Tom Dress Maker

The Bear Doctor book is a book that my kids read over and over and learned quite a bit of characters from without zhuyin! It was fun to flip the flaps and see what the doctor is doing. I found out they have 2 other books after we bought them a long long long long time ago! I put the set on the link above. It’s a cute book about a bear doctor and his patients are all baby animals. He’ll tell them what’s wrong with them and give them their medicine. The nurse is always repeating that they should wash their hands. All in all, a cute book for young ones. It’s again, one of the ones that my kids loved so we’re keep this for my GRANDKIDS! Ha!

The Tom Dress Maker book is such a cute little book about a clothing maker for animals and they ask for different types of clothes and he would make something that fits what they want. Every one of them is very creative and the colors are very pretty. It’s fit for little kids five and under and they’ll find the clothing very creative and fun. It’s full of simple vocabulary for the younger child. Easy to understand for toddlers and fun reading for that 4 and 5 year old as well.

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