Sogo 三合院 – 港式飲茶 (好看不好吃)

1/5 Stars

說真的,有點失望。蝦子炸得油膩,脆皮雞就只有脆皮的優點,牛腩只有嫩可是味道不足,蝦餃是唯一過得去的。 唉~ 排隊長龍,服務一般般。

Disappointed in the taste. Fried shrimp was oily, crispy skin chicken had only crispy skin but not taste, beef was tender but lacking taste, but the redeeming factor were the shrimp dumplings which was a hit with the girls. Otherwise, avoid this restaurant. Long lines, lackluster food and service.


營業時間:11:00~14:30 、14:30~16:30午茶、17:00~22:00 (最後點餐時間21:00)

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