Using a Dictionary: 5000字多元學習國語圖典 – 5000 Character Dictionary

Age: 5+

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If you are teaching your child Chinese, you’re probably starting to wonder when to start them on using a Chinese dictionary. For me, it’s:

  • when the child knows how to differentiate radicals,
  • when they know pinyin/zhuyin,
  • when they can respect a book and flip it nicely so it doesn’t rip! (haha, yes, you all know I have ocd … ).

Once you have the above, you can start them on using the dictionary! I was searching for a good dictionary in the last year. One that:

  • is not too black and white boring and pleasing to the eye for kids.
  • is not too easy.
  • is not too hard.
  • has zhuyin for every word (this is harder than you think so it’s an option that this book doesn’t have)

For the last point, to find a dictionary that has zhuyin for every word is hard!!! However, when I saw this dictionary, I knew it was my solution for harder phrases and words. My solution is:

  • I have one dictionary for kindergarten through second grade.
  • I have one dictionary for a solid grade one through six dictionary that covers it all.

So I have both. I found both and I’m sharing the one that’s the second one with a solid first through six grade level content.

I like this set because:

  • It has a reading pen. While reading the dictionary if they don’t know the word, they can just use the reading pen to read.
  • It has a LOT OF IDIOMS …
  • It has idioms and phrases of same meanings and opposite meanings.
  • Easy on the eye with pictures. Not all words have pictures but it’s okay. It’s the layout of the dictionary that doesn’t push the child away.
  • It has roughly 5000 characters so that it’s enough for up to a sixth grade level in Chinese (which is enough for me).

It also has other features:

  • Recording Feature
  • Recording stickers
  • APP with character stroke order and practice writing. You can also check up words without pointing it at the dictionary
  • Zhuyin card to help you learn zhuyin.

Do I really care about the additional features? Not really but it’s nice to know they’re there. What I really care about is the reading pen along with the dictionary. I’ll do another post on the kindergarten to second grade dictionary in another post. However, I really like this one because it covers it all.


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