Book Review: 神奇樹屋系列 52本 +小百科套書 20本 - Magic Tree House and Fact Tracker Set

Age 6+

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Purchase Links:
神奇樹屋 1-52 :Magic Tree House Set 1-52
神奇樹屋小百科套書(全套20冊) :Magic Tree House Fact Tracker

This is a really popular set. It’s used in the states in schools as readers. It has 52 books and grows in lexile level book after book almost. The first 28 books are the original Magic Tree House series and from 29-52 includes Merlin Missions and leads you into harder text and reading level. The same is done in Chinese. This is an excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT set of readers! I love this set because:

  1. It has gorgeous pictures. The Chinese version has all color pictures! I’ve never seen this in any of the English versions.
  2. The paper quality is superb. Definitely a set I’d keep for a lifetime.
  3. Each book is a topic on facts, history, science, etc. and all very educational.
  4. They’re each an adventure story and much to be learned in each novel.
  5. Both boys and girls love it.
  6. It has English on the other half of the book and so I can sell my English set, yay, save space.

Because there’s maybe 10k characters in each book, it’s a book for true first graders in Taiwan. Scientific terms are hard in there but otherwise language is easy. You’ll get the hang of it after one to two books and the child can kind of navigate on their own after that. We started this set last year when my older one was five to practice reading without zhuyin. How to Elevate Reading Comprehension in Chinese (Age 5+) 如何提升閱讀理解能力.  Her video is in the link above. She was reading this without zhuyin after a few books because there were a lot of repeated words and the idioms and scientific terms I had to go over with her and now she navigates it herself doing the same.

This is a set to keep. I highly recommend this set only because of the fun and educational nature of it. It’s translated well and nicely laid out. Text is easy to read and content is healthy. I’ve posted a sample book in our facebook group before. You can download a copy and see if you like it first before buying.

Here’s the link to the free book in our facebook group that was provided by the publisher as a sample:


2 responses to “Book Review: 神奇樹屋系列 52本 +小百科套書 20本 - Magic Tree House and Fact Tracker Set”

  1. […] Start 神奇樹屋 Magic Treehouse – 53 books but only the first 28 are easier and increases in difficulty after #28. (more towards age 5). I believe each book is about 10k in character and goes up to 30k? I could be wrong. We haven’t gotten to the harder longer ones so I haven’t timed the reading on that. Book Review: 神奇樹屋系列 52本 +小百科套書 20本 - Magic Tree House and Fact Tracker S… […]


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