Book Review: 魔數小子 – Marilyn Burns Brainy Day Collection – Math Set (25 Books)

Age: 4+ with parent or independent if they know zhuyin, 5+ independent

Where to Puchase:

魔數小子 – Marilyn Burns Brainy Day Collection

This is a set of math picture books great for smaller kids to an introduction of “concept” of different topics in math. There’s everything from counting, addition, subtraction, to multiplication, division, measuring, time, etc. It is translated from an English set of books from Marilyn Burns Brainy Day Collection. This I believe is out of print in English already but is till in print in Taiwan so I guess buy it while you can because when I bough it, I had to get it used since it was out of print for a little while last year.

The stories are cute, illustrations are charming. Some books have more characters than others (as shown in the video) and some are really easy to read for the independent reader if they know zhuyin. There are no hard phrases other than math terms. Even the math terms are put pretty simply and very easy to understand. If you want to jump start your kids on math concepts, I would definitely get this set.

The book I read in the video showed a girl who had a super messy room. This book has to do with sorting. How do you sort things? By what characteristics? It took her a few tries until she finally found a system that worked for her. At first she just divided everything into two piles, and then did it by colors and then only to find her stuff was still a mess. Afterwards, she sorted by her likes, dislikes and those that would be sold or thrown away. In the end, she still wasn’t finished but swept the last box under her covers before her mom came in to check on her. Again, these are stories children can easily relate to. I like this set. It’s not a set to TEACH the actual details of math (you wouldn’t use it as curriculum) but it uses story time to at least introduce a few math concepts.


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