Book Review: 瑪德琳系列 Madeline Series

Age: 2+ with parent, 5+ independent

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Purchase links:

瑪德琳、瑪德琳的親愛小狗、瑪德琳的耶誕節 – Madeline series of 3 books

瑪德琳+大象巴巴 Madeline and Barbar the Elephant

Who doesn’t love Madeline? I don’t think I need to convince any Madeline lovers that these books are true classics. I struggled a bit to figure out whether I wanted the Chinese version because we love the English version so much. It’s a super cute French series of a brave little girl and the whimsical adventures she has. The Chinese version didn’t disappoint! It rhymes!!! It’s well translated (as well as it can be) and I don’t think it lost any of the spunk from the original one. There’s still beauty in the original version in English but I’m sure translating from French to English also made it somewhat different. The Chinese version the same. They did well in trying to preserve the “Madeline” feel of the books. It’s almost Christmas time so I read the Christmas one for you guys up above.

There are now five books out. The other ones are also sold in a set with Elephant Barbar!!

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