Book Review: 世界經典橋樑書系列 World Classics Bridge Sets 1, 2, 3

Where to buy them:

世界經典橋梁書:低中年級(小學生閱讀小火車)  – Lower Grades (K-2nd)
世界經典橋梁書:中高年級(小學生閱讀小火車)  – Middle Elementary (2nd-4th)
世界經典橋梁書:高年級(小學生閱讀小火車) – Upper Elementary (4th-6th)

Here are 3 sets of “bridge books.” When most people think of bridge books they get scared and think it’s usually too hard for their kids or think that picture books are easier. That’s not the case. Bridge books means the way for kids to start reading on their own. This actually often means the language is actually easier than picture books! It’s the way to independent reading. Kids usually can start around age 6. Just like in the states, when you graduate from kindergarten, you are probably reading easy to read books. This is the same concept. If you have your basic words and know your zhuyin or pinyin, you’re ready for the next step.

This particular series I really like. Not only is it classics taken from all over the world, there are award winning titles in there as well. The stories are easy to understand and the best thing is the boxes are leveled for you.

Each box has 10 books. First box is for ages 6-8, then 8-10, then 10-12. They level in terms of words, maturity level, and the number of words. This is all done for you! Yay! I love it when people are thinking for me! I have another set (Story Wheel Series 故事摩天輪 which I dearly love) but they don’t do the leveling for me and I find myself sorting through each box finding all the easy ones first for my kids to go over.

In the video, you’ll see the insides of example books and the languages used. Even if your kids are too small, you can read to them at night. I often like to read material “beyond” their level because it introduces new terms, etc.

Publisher: 風車

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