Book Review: 劳拉的星星 Laura’s Star Series (简体书,Simplified)

simplified_17Age: 6-9 Years Independent

This is set of cute readers from a German author translated and it’s not hard to read after you have your first 500 characters down. It will add more characters to your vocabulary as well. It’ll be harder than Book Review: 大人不知道的小秘密 Secrets Adults Do Not Know Series (Simplified) I see this as the next level up. stories are about Laura and in general a cute girl’s everyday life. Each book has 6000-8000 characters. Paper quality is thick and her “star” actually has shiny foil on it so you’re getting a pretty great quality set. I would recommend this for lower elementary reading. It’s rated at 6-9 years. This company also has many books where the audio version is available for download on their website!

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