Using “Build Up” Method for Flashcards (20 Characters in 20 Minutes) – 如何用識字卡來認國字

Everyone does flashcards differently. I do a “Build Up” method that’s shown on the video and the steps are listed below. I led the example with my four year old in the video:

  • Do a once over. Go over each flashcard ONCE with a pronunciation and meaning (I didn’t do this in the video for the sake of time of the video). This takes about 5 minutes.
  • Introduce two to three characters and then repeat them by pointing quickly and ask if they know the character. If they don’t, no big deal! Just tell them what it is and move on. Keep pointing to those two to three quickly until they get it.
  • Add one. If they know it, add more. It takes another 5 minutes or so for them to memorize 16-20. Remember to change the positions of the flashcards constantly so they’re not memorizing by location.
  • Point to harder words more often that they have a hard time remembering.
  • Proceed to play any other card game that repeats these over and over. I’ll show you that in another post where we play a Heart Attack Game. Using Heart Attack As a Game to Learn New Chinese Characters 用“心臟病” 的遊戲來認國字

Due to the patience of my “four year old” I don’t allow this to go over 10 minutes max before we proceed to a game.

One response to “Using “Build Up” Method for Flashcards (20 Characters in 20 Minutes) – 如何用識字卡來認國字”

  1. […] By the time they finish the game, they would have read through the words at least 7-8 times each. Each game of 16-20 characters takes about 10 minutes. I gave a short snippet of part of the game. This followed after introducing the words makes the lessons about 20 minutes to memorize about 16-20 characters. See that post here: “Build Up” Method to Memorize Characters […]


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